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2015 Communication Art Photo Annual Award

I’m always grateful to be awarded the honor of inclusion in this year’s Communication Arts Photography Annual.  They receive so many entries, from so many wonderful photographers, that I’m a bit amazed that I made it in.  The Arctic Vortex was a tribute – sort of – to the miserable, awful winters that were suffered through in the Midwest and East.  Cold can be awful, but it can be beautiful as well!HFREEMAN_HEweb_Arctic_Vortex_test_050_w1_sRGB HFREEMAN_HEweb_Arctic_Vortex_test_029_w1_sRGB HFREEMAN_HEweb_Arctic_Vortex_test_118_w1_sRGB HFREEMAN_HEweb_Arctic_Vortex_test_199_w1_sRGB HFREEMAN_HEweb_Arctic_Vortex_test_315_lighter_w1_sRGB HFREEMAN_HEweb_Arctic_Vortex_test_336_w1_crop


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