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A whole bunch of great photographers: AtEdge Face-to-Face NY


It was really a great time, and I can’t wait to go to the next one.  There were a ton of photographers, reps and others at the AtEdge Face-to-Face in NY last Tuesday.  Held at the penthouse of 230 Fifth, the event filled the evening with opportunities to meet new people, have some great conversations with them, and really, to at least start to build a relationship.  Ya gotta start somewhere, and these get togethers are a good place.  And the talking was not just between AB’s/CD’s and photographers, either, but also with the photographers talking with each other.  Kind of a rare opportunity to talk with shooters you may know in name only.  Great to be able to put a face with a name, whether you’ve talked on the phone with someone or not.

The views were wonderful…it had been a perfect fall day in the city. The penthouse got pretty dark after sunset, but as long as you had enough light on your portfolio, it seemed all right.  Worked for me.

I think that down the line, this will be one of the few ways that photographers will be able to meet AB’s/CD’s face to face.  There are also several “Pay to play” arrangements, and I have a feeling that they will grow in popularity, perhaps in importance as well.  Nothing beats meeting someone in person, to get an idea of what that person might be like to work with.


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