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Easy cornflake recipe (makes lots!)

Recipe for a Golden Ocean of Corn Flakes (Yum!)

Ingredients:  Cornflakes, kitchen, model, measuring cup (or shovel), and more cornflakes. (HINT: Get a semi.)

Empty kitchen of all personnel.  Add model in red running shirt.  Pour in cornflakes until kitchen is overflowing with cornflakes.  Be sure they cover the countertops and spill out the far end of the kitchen.  (Note:  Make sure the oven is turned off.)   Season to taste with light, begin conversation with model, and find a very large spoon.  Yum!  And if it’s too dry this way, add milk!

(See illustrations above for alternate recipe, and check out Runners’ World for all the “recipes”:,7122,s6-242-576-0-0,00.html.)


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