It’s A Gift

Since I began my project, to create portraits of people who raise chickens in the city and suburbs, I’ve loved the reasons that people have done this.  It seems that most of us, myself included, are not very connected with the food we eat – the main connection being the act of putting it into our mouths.  In a small way, these people are acting as conduits for a re-connection with our food.  Chickens, in particular, are a lot of fun just to watch – people call it watching the Chicken Channel.  I’ll bet someone in your neighborhood is tuned to it right now.  They might even be next door!



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2 responses to “It’s A Gift

  1. Kelly Christensen

    Aloha Hunter! Had a wild hair to find your work online! Its been a +decade since we’ve seen your photography. Looks amazing! We were talent for some Hertz stuff when the kids were little in 98-99? Our family is grown (we added one more daughter, Finna now 12, along with Hunter 19 and Natalie 21)! We are in Hawaii! Come for a visit some day and stay, we are listed on Airbnb too. (city name is Captain Cook, Big Island).

    I like this piece! Thanks for showing others what they can do in the city. We have some hens too, they are the best!
    Aloha, Kelly and Kim Christensen 808-854-4197

    • Hunter Freeman

      Aloha Kelly! What a nice blast from the past. Can’t believe you found me. Also can’t believe it’s been so long – your kids are all pretty grown-up now. Yikes! That’s so great that you have some chickens as well. There are a lot of people in the city and the ‘burbs that have been doing that, some for quite awhile. Would love to get out your way sometime, and thank you for the offer to visit. I’ll check you out on airbnb, which my sister here has been listed on as well. (in Corte Madera) Stay well, and hope to see you all soon! Cheers, Hunter (415) 999-3078

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