Nobody Here But Us Chickens

It’s happening all across the country: ordinary urbanites (and suburbanites) are raising chickens in their backyards. I knew this was something I had to photograph, when my down-the-block neighbor had a (swanky) new chicken coop delivered. When I drove by on a Saturday, I quickly parked and ran back to help them carry it into their backyard. The man who made their coop, Mario Klip, has a wonderful website with beautiful designs. My friends now have their three (grown) chickens, and one has started laying eggs already. (Fresh egg factoid: If they are not washed, the natural coating keeps them safe for weeks!) Anyways, I decided that I had to create some portraits of these people. I’ll bet that a lot of us know someone that is doing this, too. Here’s a chicken question: What is the very FIRST thing a chicken does after it scratches the ground with its foot? Let me know if you do!

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